What's the difference between Better Than Botox and You Dew You?

Jan 23, 2020

Dew v. Botox, which one do you swipe right on?

Beauty's an inside job. It's why we've curated not one, but two "skin food" blends.  At the top of our 2020 to-do list is to improve our skin and stress care. Luckily we're getting a lil’ help from these beauty baes, You Dew You and Better Than Botox.  What's the difference, you ask? ⁣

They're both stars in our eyes, but we're here to debunk the differences: 



If you are more prone to getting dry skin, we suggest our Better Than Botox blend, rich in Omega content from one of the key active ingredients: Sea Buckthorn. 


More prone to breaking out and oily skin? Opt for our You Dew You blend due to its rich antioxidant rich profile and collagen, which naturally our bodies produce but post 30 declines at 1% per year. 


Both are safe for nursing or soon-to-be moms.  Want the ultimate beauty from within hack? Mix them together with our Glow Baby Glow Set #doubletrouble. Simply add 1-2 tsp daily into your favorite tea, smoothie, or latte, with best and quickest results on an empty stomach.


The results?  Just as powerful as the ingredients.


Hear it directly from our customers: