Virgin Mary ft. Follow Your Gut

Jan 28, 2022

Let's keep the party going strong (since a hangover will not be our cross to bear tomorrow 😉) with another amazing sober curious recipe, this time, created by Jordan VonLange. Jordan is a wedding and event planner, social media and marketing manager, sustainability advocate, thrift-a-holic, and DIY-obsessed gal based in the DC area. As a wedding planner, she truly appreciates a clever "signature cocktail" but this year she's been less into drinking alcohol and more into finding fun concoctions to mix together that are tasty but don't leave her feeling "meh" the next day. You can follow Jordan on instagram at @jordanvonlange.

Jordan's drink: Virgin Mary 🍅


This spin on the brunch time fav is a great way to keep your brunch game strong without tossing the rest of your day out the window.


  • 1 tsp Follow Your Gut
  • 3 oz tomato juice
  • 0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1 dash Worchestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp Celery Salt
  • a few dashes of hot sauce (more if you like an extra kick)
  • celery stalk, pickle spear, and olives (for garnish)

To Make:

  1. Rim your glass before adding ice. 
  2. In a tall glass full of ice, mix all ingredients (I think it's easiest to use a shaker).
  3. Mix a sprinkle of Follow Your Gut with Old Bay seasoning and enjoy.