The Energetics of Manifestation

Apr 06, 2021


What's the big deal about manifestation? We asked an expert in the space, and our good friend, Alice Hu to walk us through the basics of manifestation and how it works. Ready to dive in? Here's what Alice shared with us.👇 


Manifestation is co-creating your dream life with the Universe.

It's understanding that your energy, your mood, and your perspective creates your reality. Your mindset is everything. 

I repeat, your mindset is everything! We are always manifesting whether we realize it or not. I work with clients every day on shifting their mindsets to create a different reality. 

When we create from a place of scarcity or another low vibe (negativity, stress, etc.) we call in something at the same vibration. Like when you don't have good self-worth and always have jobs that don't pay you enough. 

When we create from a place of abundance and higher vibrations like love and gratitude, these manifestations tend to stick around and be in more alignment with what we truly want. 

What you focus on is what grows. Take a moment to reflect on where your attention goes throughout the day. Be aware of your thoughts!


Manifesting Tips:

  • Check-in with your mood at the start of the day! It will determine how your day goes.
  • Meditate to shift into a state of calm. 
  • Set an intention to bring focus to your day. 
  • Movement. Move your body for those endorphins!
  • Surround yourself with motivating people and watch/read/listen to something that is inspiring
  • Write down limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and write new beliefs to change your story. 


I also love integrating adaptogenic drinks into my routine to help boost my mood. Adaptogens have incredible benefits. They help boost energy, improve mood, and reduce stress. In the morning, I love Mind Over Matter as I don’t drink coffee much anymore. And I find it’s a subtle way to feel energized. Sometimes I’ll change it up and use Glow Getter. In the evening, I end the day and prepare for bed by making a Do Not Disturb or Chill The F* Out latte. The Ritual is a great starter set if you’re new to the world of adaptogens. 

The manifesting tips are simple but powerful. The key is accountability and discipline. If you practice these tips every day for a week, you’ll start to notice a change. If you continue for 63 days, it will be part of your daily routine. You’ll start to think, feel, and act differently.

Need accountability in your manifestation journey? Text the word “abundance” to 202-918-3414 to join the next free abundance meditation challenge! If you want to get on the list to join a special manifestation workshop collaboration between Apothékary and Woo Woo Company, add your email here


Alice Hu is a corporate mindfulness strategist, intuitive business coach, and the founder of Woo Woo Company. She teaches mindfulness through tools like astrology, manifestation, and chakras to help you discover your truth and purpose. She offers 1:1 mentorship and creates custom mindfulness programs for organizations. 

Photo Credit: Birch Thomas