The Best Blend For You, According To Your Sign

May 20, 2020


Your horoscope can be a helpful guiding light. And we think it extends to your self-care game. Sourced entirely from Mother Nature's pantry, our herbal blends are curated with you in mind to bring balance, strength, and clarity. 

Get to know your star aligned match. 



You're brave, tenacious, honest and open-hearted. To feel happy, Aries needs movement and a sense of excitement.  

Seal The Deal is your blend match. It boosts mood and helps embrace your raw personality. 




You're organized, calm, resilient and ambitious. To feel happy, Taurus needs to implement stability, routine, and predictability. 

Lion's Mane is your match. It helps keep the mind stable and resilient to changing tides. 



You're charming, curious, responsive and youthful. To feel happy, Gemini needs to keep a stimulated mind. 

Slay All Day is your blend match. It provides an energy boot and stimulation of the mind and body. 



You're loyal, nostalgic, protective and loving. To feel happy, Cancer needs to feel comfortable and cozy. 

Chill The F* Out is your blend match. It provides a dose of calm when emotions turn hot and fiery. 



You're noble, bold, confident and vivacious. To feel happy, Leo needs sunshine and to tend to their creative side. 

Follow Your Gut is your blend match. It acts like sunshine in a bottle and provides anti-inflammatory support brought on by stress. 



You're modest, graceful, curious and reliable. To feel happy, Virgo needs to stay organized and stable. 

Mind Over Matter is your blend match. It gives you a clear, sharp mind to stay organized and therefore at ease. 



You're intelligent, diplomatic, gracious and artistic. To feel happy, Libra needs to spread their social butterfly wings. 

Better Than Botox is your blend match. It'll give you bright, glowing skin for all those Zoom happy hours. 



You're strong, passionate, independent and loyal. To feel happy, Scorpio needs healthy outlets for their deep running emotions. 

Maca is your match. It provides a sense of grounding and helps embrace your natural passion. 



You're independent, honest, optimistic and adventurous. To feel happy, Sagittarius needs to always be planning their next adventure. 

Ginseng is your match. It provides a balancing energy boost to get to you to and through your next adventure. 



You're determined, reserved, strategic and patient. To feel happy, Capricorn needs to feel grounded. 

Ashwagandha is your match. It provides the ultimate dose of calming, grounding energy. 



You're innovative, a truth-sayer, progressive and assertive. To feel happy, Aquarius needs to feel creative, free and unencumbered. 

Reishi is your match. With the qualities of a queen, the "Queen Healer" herself is Aquarius' royal match. 



You're empathetic, a dreamer, intuitive and creative. To feel happy, Pisces needs to see and understand the big picture. 

You Dew You is your blend match. It helps you embrace that inner sass and outer beauty of your dreams.