Shizu's Shiitake Horchata Latte

Jan 19, 2021

Say that five times fast. We're trying out our founder, Shizu's, go-to morning focus fuel featuring our fav Oat Mylk! 



  • 1 tsp Mind Over Matter

  • 8 oz Goodmylk Oat Mylk

  • 1 oz Shiitake infused "brew"

  • Dash of cinnamon + chocamine



  1. Add Mind Over Matter to your mug *first*

  2. Add Goodmylk Oat Mylk to mug

  3. Froth for 5-10 seconds

  4. Top with cinnamon + chocamine

  5. Enjoy!

Optional: Microwave for 10-15 seconds. You don't want to go too hot because it'll "boil" the herbs, increasing the oxidation before it gets in your body. Best to be room temp.