Say Aloe! How Aloe Vera Juice Helps Soothe the Gut for Better Health

Jun 21, 2022


Picture this: it’s summer vacation, and you’re enjoying the warm sunshine. Ahhhh. That is, until you start to turn red and you realize you have a sunburn. Ouch! Cue the aloe vera!

You may be familiar with using goopy aloe vera gel to soothe your sunburn, but did you know that there is aloe vera juice prepared for consumption, so that aloe’s cooling gel quality can have positive effects on our gut health, as well?

Aloe barbadensis miller (the most commonly used species of aloe vera— there are over 300 different ones!) is a demulcent herb, which means it has gel-like qualities that soothe our skin and also calm an irritated or inflamed gut. Of all the aloe species, it also happens to be the most biologically active (meaning compounds that can have an effect on a living being). 

The lining of our gut is susceptible to damage through poor diet, chronic stress, pesticides, and more. One way that this often shows up is through leaky gut, a.k.a. intestinal permeability, which is when the lining of the small intestine becomes compromised and lets food waste, bacteria, and other toxins “leak” through to our blood stream. It is often said that our gut accounts for 70-80% of our immune system, so it is important to maintain the integrity of our gut lining for overall health.


So where does aloe vera come in? Aloe can improve gastrointestinal tight junctions and limit this “leakiness” that causes some complications. Think about it like this, if you have a tendency towards dry skin, you aren’t going to want to use something astringent to further dry out your skin, right? Of course not! You are going to opt for something with cooling and hydrating qualities. It is much the same for your gut. For example, constipation can indicate a dryness in the body— this is where aloe vera can come in handy. Its demulcent qualities can increase the water content in your gut (not to mention it’s also high in fiber) which can help to get things moving.

It’s important to note that the whole leaf preparation of aloe is what increases those laxative qualities (vs. the inner gel, which is not as laxative), so it is best to use a very small amount (1-2 tsp) or else you might have the opposite effect! The aloe vera juice found in our Summer 2022 Inside Scoop box is made from the inner leaf, so you get all the soothing qualities of aloe without the urge to run to the bathroom.

Besides soothing the gut lining, aloe also has some other incredible health-supporting benefits. Those who suffer with heartburn might find some relief in aloe due to its alkalizing properties. These alkaline properties neutralize excess acid in the stomach while also encouraging the good bacteria in our guts to thrive for a balanced microbiome (which is key for overall gut health). Aloe vera is also rich in minerals and vitamins A, C, E, and B12! 


Ready to incorporate aloe into your routine? Next time you’re browsing your local supermarket (or if you’re ordering our Summer 2022 Inside Scoop box!), look for unsweetened aloe vera juice, as sweetened aloe preparations are not beneficial for the gut (due to sugar and other additives). Aloe does have a bitter, citrusy taste in its natural form, but you only need a small amount to do the job! Some would even say its taste is reminiscent of lemon water. You can mix your aloe juice into mocktails and other recipes (such as those in our Summer Inside Scoop box) to get all its amazing qualities while enjoying a tasty treat! 

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About Makayla Hawes: Makayla is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Apothékary Wellth Advisor. She is passionate about teaching women to live in harmony with their hormones. Currently residing in Las Vegas, she loves mountain climbing, baking, and hanging with her cat.