Recipe: Latte for energy

Mar 01, 2019


1 tsp Mind Over Matter

1 tsp Moringa

½ tsp Maca

½  tsp Honey (optional)

Pinch of salt

1/2 of Cinnamon 

Pinch of Cayenne (Optional for an extra boost of blood sugar balancing, warmth, and energy)

8 oz Plant-based milk (I recommend flax milk)

Mix all ingredients except honey. Gently heat on the stovetop (do not boil). Stir in the honey and serve!

Why Kaphas need this latte:

  • Moringa is a green herb that provides you with the energy, antioxidants, and kick in the pants you need to get on with your day! Moringa is also great at regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Maca is a Peruvian parsnip with a host of health benefits. It boosts your energy, fertility, sexual desire (woot woot!), while also giving you a healthy dose of iodine, copper, and B Vitamins. Maca plus Moringa will give you great energy to get moving!
  • Mind Over Matter is a great way to boost energy without caffeine. A triple adaptogen blend that balances our cortisol in an unmatched way. 
  • Flax milk (or other seed-based milks) are great for Kapha because they’re not too heavy. Kaphas don’t tend to need extra sweetness, so less is more with your honey.


Samantha Attard is the founder of Happy Healthy Human. A Nutrition PhD, Yoga Instructor with over 1,500 teaching hours, certified doula, and Ayurvedic coach, Samantha connects physical and emotional energy to bring healing to her clients and students. Listen in to her podcast - Happy Healthy Human Radio - and learn more about her work at