Recipe: Eat Your Skincare Glow From Within Smoothie ✨

Feb 24, 2020

What you put in > what you put on, and that's especially true with this delicious triple Signature Blend smoothie.



- 1/2 cup frozen banana
- 1/2 cup frozen berries⁣
- 1 tsp Follow Your Gut
- 1 tsp Mind Over Matter
- 1 tsp You Dew You
- 2-4 oz unsweetened coconut milk⁣
- Optional: scoop of protein
- Toppings: granola, berries, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, cacao nibs.


1. Blend all ingredients (except the toppings)
2. Pour into glass or bowl and toss on toppings of your choice
3. Sip, slay, love.⁣