Recipe: 🌏 Earthy Matcha Latte⁠ 🌏

Jun 21, 2021

🌏 Earthy Matcha Latte⁠ 🌏

A little Earth Month recipe featuring two fan favorite blends, one that recently made a comeback!



Make Slay All Day concentrate with 2 oz water to a bowl, sift in 2 tsp of the blend, and whisk or shake until mixed. ⁠

In a separate cup make a concentrate by whisking Blue Me Away into 1 oz of water. Mix until smooth.⁠ Pour Blue Me Away concentrate into the bottom of a tall glass, fill with ice, pour in your milk, and top off with the Slay shot!



Watch our Founder & Chief Wellth Advisor dose up her Earthy Matcha Latte here.