My Cup Runneth…Well, Until It Doesn’t.

Mar 15, 2021

We have all heard it a million time, "self care" is the go-to for anyone looking to take a break from the craziness of life and typically involves a face mask and some trash TV. But what if you did "self care" everyday? And what if you focused on things that ground you instead of quick fixes? 

We had the opportunity to hear from a dear friend, Quiana Hamlin, and what she does to refill her cup so she can continue pouring into others. 👇 


I don’t often get to stop and remind myself to smell the roses, to reinvest in myself, or give myself my flowers while I’m still here to appreciate them but there are a few times throughout the year when I stop to realize … “I need a break.

Whether it’s Black History Month, a social/political event, or a physical sign from my body, each of these opportunities offers its own remedy and intention, serendipitously forcing me to stop and take a beat.

I am a creator, wife, sister, full-time peace-builder, and to whom much is given, much is required and expected. I tend to err on the side of 'give it all you got' but appreciate when I can stop to feed myself and refill my cup. This comes in the form of a reboot of the mind, body, and spirit. It reminds me of those great techniques you learn in a meditation class; scan the body, focus on the ailment and manifest healing. I try to apply that to every thing - take a holistic approach. Is it that easy? No, definitely not. So I build some incentive to entice me enough to start the rehabilitation process.


I don’t diet from anything because diet culture is toxic (oof). I firmly believe I should be able to have what I want, when I want it and I mean that in more ways than one. I don’t believe I have to completely shut anything out, so I entice myself to push through by finding what IS good for me. Is it inspiring, creatively? Is it nourishing my body, does it give me that youthful glow? Does it give me warm and fuzzy feelings, feeding me in some emotional capacity. I try to focus on what I get to have/experience over what I’m missing out on.


This time for me is filled with exploring new things: new classes, new recipes, new habits/routines. If you’re like me and you wait until it’s too late and that cup is running on E, you get desperate and become willing to try anything and FIND the time to make it work. This is a break-through moment, I love these times. But don’t be like me, build in benchmarks so that cup doesn’t run too low, boo.


This cute company, Drink Your Vibes, helps me remember when I need to hydrate and helps me do my part in healing this Earth by reducing single-use plastic. Sometimes just a refocus on your H20 intake will turn you around and reinvigorate your perspective. The product includes time stamps with words of affirmations which help to also feed me, spiritually. The affirmations throughout the day become a weekly routine and eventually a strong, healthy habit. If I can encourage myself and set a healthy boundary for what should be a regular part of my life, I recognize the symptoms of an empty cup sooner.


Mid-day meditations encourage me to pause during the work day to reflect on how far I’ve come in the day/week and where I intend to flow moving forward - 10/10 recommend. The same way I schedule a meeting, I can (almost) schedule some time to take a deep breath. This ultimately helps me produce better results at work and promotes a positive attitude towards my hectic work environment. The Floating Yogi and Jazman Dobson offer free classes at various times of the day which is good for those like me who love to spontaneously drop in. Even better for others who schedule with intention and stick to it (kudos to you!). Follow them at @jarrick.the.floating.yogi and @jaznextlevel on Instagram.


A cup of tea goes hand-in-hand with a meditation session and for me, an Apothékary brew that has tons of herbal remedy does just the trick. There’s something special about imagining the healing that’s happening as you consume something full of antioxidants and just plain old good stuff. That kind of intention is next level! I won’t pretend to know the first half of what I need for a strong immune system or a natural boost of energy but I don’t have to think hard with Apothékary blends. I just know what I like and can appreciate that it’s a good tasting cup of tea that’s working overtime behind the scenes.




Finding yourself in the position of give, give, give is probably all too frequent and all too familiar but keeping it simple is key. Baby steps and building blocks. Pressure, conflict, and struggle might be inherent but I don’t want to keep responding the same way to the things I cannot control. I know better, we know better.


Get to know Quiana over on Instagram and check out her online dance classes.