Meet Your Wellth Advisors

Jun 01, 2022

Health is a journey, and everyone should have a partner who they can trust to guide them along the way. Our incredible team of in-house wellness practitioners are trained and licensed across different holistic modalities, including herbalism, and are here to answer questions or help create a more in-depth wellness plan for your needs.

Meet Dr. Jessica 

Dr. Jessica Christie is a Naturopathic Doctor with an extensive background in nutrition, psychology, and botanical medicine. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Penn State University, she went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from Gallaudet University where she researched infant/child psychological development and learning behaviors.

Knowing she wanted to better understand natural and holistic medicine, she followed her dreams by pursuing her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in the Chicago area, while also becoming a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She has worked in clinics all over the country from Illinois, to Montana, to Virginia, and Washington, DC helping clients find the root causes of their conditions and finally achieve wellness. Her treatment modalities consist of thorough nutritional counseling, mind-body medicine, botanical medicine and personalized tincture formulation, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy. 

She is the founder and clinical director of Magnolia Integrative Fertility, a telemedicine clinic based out of Washington, DC specializing in natural fertility and women’s health. 

When she’s not working with clients, she spends her time with her husband, son, and baby twins and loves to cook and bake!

Meet Anne

Anne is a natural health practitioner and functional nutritionist. She completed her training in integrative medicine in Switzerland and France and worked in different countries throughout Europe for 15 years. 

Anne spent seven years in the integrative pharmacy field in Geneva, the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, working to develop a better holistic approach for the patients and customers. While working with PiLeJe Switzerland, she trained and encouraged physicians and practitioners to use herbal medicine and functional nutrition in their day-to-day practice to improve and support their patients’ long-term health.

During the pandemic, she started her own practice as a natural health practitioner and Bach Flowers Remedies advisor in Switzerland, while managing a multidisciplinary group of health professionals developing better ways to approach and address clients’ health issues.  

Anne then relocated to Southern California in summer 2021, where she created and runs her own brand of organic herbal tea blends. Anne also hosts educational classes taught to local French speakers who are beginning their studies in herbal medicine. She loves teaching and sharing natural ways to take care of our bodies and well-being.

Anne is excited to be a part of the Apothékary Team as a Retail Manager and Lead Educator and is happy to help in developing a natural remedies-oriented business that also supports the well-being of her clients.


Meet Casie

Casie is a Clinical Herbalist with a background in communication sciences, herbal product formulation and creation, sustainable wildcrafting, teaching, herb gardening, and organic farming.
In 2012, Casie completed her undergraduate degree in Communications Sciences before moving to sunny California to pursue her love of plants.  She farmed throughout Northern California before discovering her true calling as an herbalist in 2018.  In late 2020, Casie graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA with certificates in three progressive programs--Body Systems, Roots of Herbalism, and the Community Herbalist clinical program.  While at herb school, she worked in the garden, training students and apprentices and tending to hundreds of medicinal plant species.  Additionally, Casie completed Herbal Academy’s Herbal Business Course and their Advanced Herbal Course. 
Since graduation, she has engaged in clinical work through volunteering with Bay Herbs, a free mobile clinic for low-income folks in the North Bay and through her own private practice.  Casie has spent years building her own herbal apothecary where formulates tea, tincture, powder, and skincare preparations for her clients.  She recently relocated back to her roots in the Northern Midwest and joined the Upper Midwest Chapter of Herbalist Without Borders International/Free Peoples Clinic.  When she’s not assisting Apothékary clients with their health and product questions, you can find her growing her own food and medicine, foraging for abundant plants, camping by the water, and riding her bicycle around Minneapolis.


Meet Erin 


Erin Antosh is a Clinical Herbalist with a background in nutrition, botanical product development, detoxification/biotransformation, organic gardening, and true farm-to-table cooking. As Apothekary’s Senior Wellth Advisor & Farmacist, Erin leads the company’s R&D team, formulates new blends, and creates educational content based on her extensive herbal training.

Erin completed the Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary certification programs at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine in Castleton, VA and continued her clinical herbalism training working at the school’s clinic seeing clients and formulating botanical products. After completing an advanced program with The American Herbalism Guild, Erin has specialized training working with women planning to conceive, through pregnancy and postpartum. Erin continued her herbalism and nutrition clinical training through a mentorship program with Camille Freeman, LDN, RH and has consulted various wellness companies on product development.

In 2015, Erin graduated with honors from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. As a Culinary Nutrition Expert and an experienced cook with training at The Farm Cooking School, Erin is able to translate nutrition science into nourishing meals that allow clients to use food as medicine. Additionally, Erin pursued advanced clinical studies in Detoxification and Biotransformation with Josh Gitalis, a Clinical Functional Nutritionist based in Toronto. Erin holds an Organic Gardening Certification from Prior Unity Garden and has extensive experience growing medical plants.

Erin is the Founder of Where The Good Grows (WTGG), a natural well-being company which educates about the power of holistic therapies to transform health. Through WTGG, Erin combines her clinical training with her improv comedy experience to teach entertaining and empowering natural wellness education programs. 

Meet Makayla

Makayla Hawes is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is currently studying Herbalism in a program with Commonwealth Herbs. Makayla is passionate about helping women learn their bodies through aligning their diet, lifestyles, and exercise to be in balance with their body’s needs. 

Makayla’s introduction to Apothekary was as a customer. For years she had tried prescription approaches, dermatological treatments and topical skincare solutions to address chronic hormonal acne that was really weighing on her confidence. When nothing worked (and many approaches caused side effects), she tried You Dew You. She documented her before and after journey with You Dew You, and noticed such profound results she knew she needed to let others know about natural approaches to health. 

Currently, she resides in Las Vegas, NV and enjoys hiking various trails and visiting the National Parks in the area.