Introducing Mind Over Matter, Nature's Version of Adderall

Jan 01, 2020

Our motto for 2020 and beyond? Do more with less. That includes less coffee, less booze, and less forced stimuli to feel like our best selves, resulting in more headspace for you and others.

That's why we're so excited to introduce Mind Over Matter, the latest addition to our collection of Signature Blends and one we worked on for seven months.  We curated this blend for those that deal with constant feelings of stress, brain fog, and anxiety.  If you're looking to cut down on the jitters that come from coffee or dullness that come from alcohol, this blend is for you. 


Mind Over Matter is a potent mix of Chaga, Reishi and Lion’s Mane, three non-psychedelic and 100% plant-based adaptogenic mushrooms to support cognitive function, stress and hormonal balance.

Constant high levels of cortisol - the hormone our body releases when we’re stressed, can cause damage throughout the body, but particularly in the brain. Cortisol has been shown to actually decrease cognition. This is why adaptogens can have a significant impact on brain health. 

Adaptogens help reduce the exaggerated response to stress, which results in improved focus and attention, less mental fatigue and anxiety, and a generally healthier brain.  Some good adaptogens for maximizing brain health include rhodiola, turmeric, and functional mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga and Lion’s Mane, “ says Registered Dietitian Danielle Schaub, Nutrition Manager at Territory Foods. 


With the dawn of a new year and decade, it’s the time to create more headspace and kickstart new habits. Mind Over Matter delivers a new type of energy boost that doesn’t tote the inevitable mid-afternoon crash and burn like coffee does. This caffeine-free adaptogenic blend sources its energy from its stress-reducing and brain cell regenerating functionalities. 


Pretty Fly for a Fungi. 

While humans have used them for thousands of years to treat and cure diseases, it’s only been in recent history that they’ve wiggled their way into mainstream culture. Known most notably for their role in cancer treatment, you’ll see them popping up in things like coffee, all sorts of food items, and easily digestible given their powerful assist they can provide for our short and long-term health goals. 

Mushrooms are finally having their moment, so it’s time to diversify our Portobello’s and take a deep dive into this magical kingdom. These fungi contain powerful healing properties, startling amounts of protein, and enough nutrients and vitamins to make fruit and vegetables start questioning their place on the food chain,” said Shizu Okusa, our Founder & CEO.  


The Healing Powers of Mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms boast a rare dietary classification; they’re immune modulators which means they’re able to adapt to the specific daily needs of our immune system.


Also known as the mushroom of immortality, these vibrant caps are packed with immune system boosting chemicals that protect against the flu, and even chronic diseases like asthma.

Lion’s Mane 

A mushroom renowned for their ability to naturally boost energy. They do so by improving the way our body’s oxidation process. 


Filled with antioxidants, Chaga protect us from damage done by free radicals.  A study conducted in 2006 that used rodent models, genetically modified to carry diabetes and obesity, had their blood sugar levels effectively lowered after consuming Chaga mushrooms for eight weeks.


Because we know it’s on your mind, these mushrooms aren’t the "gettin’ high" type, nor will they show up in drug tests. So, safe to say Mind Over Matter is work appropriate.  ‘Shroom on, friends.