How to Dose Based On Your Enneagram Type

Aug 13, 2020


"I feel so seen."

For those already deep into The Enneagram craze, go 'head and scroll to find your dosing recommendation based on your type 👇 .

If you're thinking, "ennea-what?", we got you. The Enneagram (pronounced IN-EE-UH-GRAM) is an ancient system of nine personality types that combines traditional wisdom with modern psychology. It's a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives.

Google to find lots of free quiz options, or pay the small fee to get your official results. Then, come back here to get your custom dosing tips.

p.s. we're not affiliated with The Enneagram, we're just fans. And, who doesn't love the chance to break up a Netflix binge with a personality quiz?


[ONE] The Perfectionist 

In a place of stress, methodical Ones become moody and irrational. Seal The Deal is a mood and hormone balancing blend that will bring fun back into the life of stressed Ones.

When in growth, angry, critical Ones become more spontaneous and joyful. Glow Getter's unique anti-inflammatory and cooling yin properties will cater the idealist in Ones as they strive to make the world a better place.

[TWO] The Helper

Under stress, Twos become aggressive and dominating. Chill The F* Out is a serotonin-boosting and stress-busting elixir targeting cortisol levels. This will bring a sense of calm and relaxation back to stressed Twos.

In a place of growth, Twos become self-nurturing and emotionally aware. Better Than Botox is a potent, plant-based collagen blend, that promotes healthy skin & a glow from within. Perfect for Twos in a place of self-nurturing.


[THREE] The Achiever 

Under stress, usually driven Threes become disengaged and apathetic. Slay All Day gives the Threes the boost of energy and focus they need to tackle all the things!

When in growth, sometimes vain Threes become more cooperative and committed to others. Lion's Mane is a potent adaptogen known to act as a nervous system tonic and is a great boost for Threes in "get stuff done" mode.

[FOUR] The individualist

Under stress, aloof Fours suddenly become over-involved and clingy. Reishi reduces stress, promotes longevity and will bring feelings of calm and self-assurance to the stressed Four.

When in growth, envious, emotionally turbulent Fours become more objective and principled. Follow Your Gut offers a distinctly potent herbal boost that will serve Fours in growth well.

[FIVE] The investigator

When in stress, detached Fives suddenly become hyperactive and scattered. Mind Over Matter is a tri-mushroom blend that will help bring scattered Fives back to their center.

In a place of growth, avaricious, detached Fives become more self-confident and decisive. You Dew You will give balanced Fives a natural boost from within.


[SIX] The Loyalist

When in stress, dutiful Sixes can suddenly become competitive and arrogant. Ashwagandha, well known for its restorative & mood boosting effects, will bring the happy back to stressed Sixes. 

When in growth, fearful, pessimistic Sixes become more relaxed and optimistic. Astragalus is an adaptogenic root that is great for to enhancing energy and Resting Metabolic Rate for mellow Sixes in growth.

[SEVEN] The Enthusiast

Under stress, scattered Sevens suddenly become perfectionistic and critical. Ginseng, an adaptogenic root, will help stressed Sevens feel invigorated and full of energy sans caffeine.

In growth, fearful, gluttonous, scattered Sevens become more focused and fascinated by life. Seal The Deal brings back the fun and playfulness Sevens are known (and loved!) for.  

 [EIGHT] The Challenger

Under stress, self-confident Eights suddenly become secretive and fearful. You Dew You promotes gut health and vibrancy to give Eights in stress the confidence boost they need.

In growth, lustful, controlling Eights become more open-hearted and caring. Shatavari will support the balance of hormones to keep Eights in growth feeling the love and support.

[NINE] The Peacemaker

When in stress, complacent Nines suddenly become anxious and worried. Chill The F* Out is a stress-busting elixir targeting cortisol levels to bring Nines in stress back in balance.


In growth, slothful, self-neglecting Nines become more self-developing and energetic. Maca is a great compliment for Nines in growth as it supports balanced mood and energy levels.