EASY Chill Choco Chip Cookies

Aug 04, 2020


We were inspired to make a chill-inducing chocolate chip cookie using one of our fave blends, Chill The F* Out. And good news - we kept this one super simple so you can fill that craving in a pinch!
- 1 package of your fave pre-made cookie dough (we love Cappellos GF + Vegan dough!)⁣⁠
- 1 ½ Tbsp of Chill The F* Out ⁣⁠
1. Preheat oven according to package and wash your hands. ⁣⁠
2. Empty dough into a medium sized bowl. ⁣⁠
3. Add Chill The F* Out. ⁣⁠
4. Incorporate herbs into the dough using your hands.⁣⁠
5. Shape into consistently sized circles and place on lined cookie sheet.⁣⁠
6. Bake according to the package.⁣⁠
7. Pour a glass of your favorite milk and enjoy!