Dreamy Date-Night Chocolate Pudding⁠

Oct 03, 2020


Shatavari and Seal The Deal create the perfect romantic treat for your next date night with this dreamy dessert.💕⁠

Dreamy Date-Night Chocolate Pudding⁠

-1 can full-fat coconut milk⁠
-3 Tbsp. chia seeds⁠
-1 Tbsp. raw cacao⁠
-1 Tbsp. maple syrup⁠
-2 tsp. Shatavari powder⁠
-2 tsp. Seal the Deal powder⁠
-Berries of choice (strawberries and raspberries are especially good!)⁠


1. Blend the coconut milk in a blender to make sure it is smooth and creamy.⁠
2. Pour coconut milk into a jar and add in remaining ingredients (except the berries). Shake⁠
well and refrigerate. Shake several times during the first hour of chilling to make sure⁠
chia seeds are evenly distributed. Chill for at least 4 hours or overnight.⁠
3. Divide up into bowls or small jars, top with berries of choice and serve.⁠

Recipe and photography by @little.green.living⁠.