A Simple Way to Diagnose Your Stress and Find Your Support

Jan 15, 2022


The way we see it, there’s one clear and common thread that seems to ring true for us all...stress.

Whether it's work, school, or just life in general, we know stress has a sneaky way of showing up when we least expect it. It can become so "normal" for us to feel stressed, that we grow blind to it and can even miss the way it begins to manifest in our bodies over time.

The good news is that we can reverse the impact. And we can do so naturally. But knowing how to do that, and when to do that can be a bit tricky. 

Our original stress duo Chill the F* Out and Do Not Disturb, recently welcomed a new recruit. Stop Your Wine-ing is the newest blend in the stress-fighting army we’re building.

While they're each curated to address our stress response, these Signature Blends have a distinct way of doing so. The chart below guides you through how to determine which blend best suits you and your stress needs. 

Let's get to diagnosing: 



The Stress-fighting Army Breakdown


Farmacist notes | Chill The F* Out

This blend includes Reishi and Ashwagandha, two adaptogenic herbs. Herbal adaptogens are linked to helping the body combat stress when taken consistently over time. These adaptogenic herbs help to regulate the body’s stress response system (HPA axis), to help you relax when it is time to chill, while still giving you the energy to get stuff done.

 I recommend taking this blend during the day, as it is not calming in a sedative way, but can help you feel less frazzled in the face of stress when used daily. You will most likely not feel an immediate calmness upon taking Chill The F* Out, as it tends to take a few weeks to train your body to not be in constant "fight or flight" mode during the day.  

Farmacist notes | Do Not Disturb 

This blend is meant to calm the body in the moment and may help induce sleep by calming a racing mind and reducing anxiety. The Holy Basil (aka Tulsi) is relaxing and can reduce anxiety while the Mucuna provides an immediate calm feeling and is a precursor to dopamine, a mood booster (it has even been studied in relation to depression). 

We recommend making it a nightly ritual and enjoying it 1-2 hours before you hit the pillow. It will not make you drowsy or groggy in the morning, even if you have to wake up a couple hours after taking it. If you are someone who experiences a high amount of stress during the day, we recommend taking Chill The F* Out during the day to train your body to not be in a constant state of "fight or flight", so your body can better relax at night with the aid of Do Not Disturb.

Farmacist notes | Stop Your Wine-ing

This blend is great as an alcohol replacement in the evening to help take the edge off the day. The Motherwort and Jujube Date in this blend are nervines that address anxiety while also being mild sedatives. You will feel calming vibes upon consumption of this blend. For some people, Stop Your Wine-ing will simply provide an anti-anxiety type calm, while others may be more sensitive and find this blend makes them sleepy. Stop Your Wine-ing is not a sedative like Do Not Disturb, but it can help calm the body to support sleep, especially when nighttime anxiety is preventing you from getting some Zzz’s.


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