Berry Tea-Licious Latte (no coffee!)

Jun 19, 2020

Show your body a little extra love today with this super boosted, coffee free “latte” inspired by our friend @laurenedmond.travels. ⁣


- 1 tsp Reishi (or Mind Over Matter)⁣
- 1 tsp Maca (or Seal The Deal)⁣
- 1 tsp You Dew You
- 6 oz berry forward tea of choice⁣
- 2 oz nut milk of choice ⁣
- Optional: 1 tsp raw honey⁣

Instructions: ⁣

1. Brew the hot tea as usual.⁣
2. Add in herbs, nut milk, and honey (if desired) and use a hand frother or blender to blend until well combined and frothy. ⁣
3. Pour and enjoy!⁣